Crédits et détails concernant le projet.
Palette de couleur du projet
Théâtre de parcs
Théâtre de balcons
Boite dallumettes
illustrations thème feu
Caserne Dalhousie
Palette de couleur du projet
illustrations thème feu

Tout est possible…ou presque

Le Théâtre jeunesse Les Gros Becs offers productions for kids from early childhood to adolescence. Atelier 480 creates the brochure and the graphic platform for each season as well as all other graphic elements.

For this particular year, the theater adapted its service by offering outdoor performances to entertain the little ones. In parks or from balconies, families across Quebec City witnessed the talent and resourcefulness of their teams of actors. This change of scene was a success, putting a smile on the faces of children who could not go to the theater as usual.

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